Honda’s 4th generation CR-V

Having begun production back in 1995, the latest Honda CR-V has undergone a number of functional and cosmetic changes, which the company says gives it both an added boost in attitude, as well as better functionality.

“I wanted to communicate the feeling you get when you stand on top of a mountain, looking down on a valley and seeing a panorama of the landscape,” Japanese Designer Takehiro Ishibashi is quoted in a company statement detailing the new vehicle’s features.

The new CR-V, Pupkewitz Head of Marketing Anton Westraadt said on Wednesday, is the product of a delicate balancing act, straddling the line between a traditional SUV and a sedan.

“The pursuit of the perfect balance between a sedan and an SUV influenced every element of the development process, including the exterior styling. While the fourth generation model is instantly recognizable as a member of the CR-V family, it still manages to assert its own identity. The new model takes on a more aggressive and aerodynamic stance with deeper sculpting of the bodylines and a bolder nose section,” Pupkewitz Honda said.

The engine has also seen a comprehensive redesign, and now for the first time the CR-V is available in a two-wheel drive version to add to the original all-wheel drive version.

“The CR-V has always been one of the most fuel efficient SUVs on the market and Honda’s engineers have worked tirelessly to sharpen every aspect of the fourth generation model.

Improved aerodynamics and sophisticated electronics combine to achieve significant reductions in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions,” Westraadt told clients and partners in attendance on Wednesday.
The car’s history pays homage to Honda’s popular compact and subcompact model, the Civic, being originally derived from that car.

Honda SA Area Manageress Farzana John, who was in the country especially for the launch, said the CR-V had proved popular among student communities in that country, thus the company would continue to focus on this market.

She thanked the Pupkewitz Honda team for its efforts at growing the brand locally, saying in the last year Honda managed to leap in market share - from 0,37% in 2011, to 4% in 2012.

The new CR-V is available at Pupkewitz Honda, with the starting price for the entry level 2.0 Comfort model given as just below N$300 000.

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